Avengers: Infinity War Gets New Release Date

Marvel Studios just revealed a new release date for the third Avengers movie!


Marvel Moves Avengers: Infinity War Theatrical Release Date!

Marvel Moves Avengers: Infinity War Theatrical Release Date!

After an entertaining exchange on Twitter, Robert Downey, Jr. was able to convince Marvel Studios to move the theatrical release date of their upcoming film Avengers: Infinity War. That's right fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will get to see their heroes on the big screen one week earlier than expected. The original release date for the movie was May 4, but now the team-up extravaganza will debut in theaters across the globe on April 27. This is exciting news for fans of the franchise and will also give space between Disney's other big sci-fi movie series some room to breathe. The new Star Wars film Solo is set for a theatrical run beginning on May 25 which is now almost a full month away from the Marvel juggernaut. Check out the tweets below and get ready to purchase your tickets online soon. 

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