Blue Beetle Movie In Development

A movie based on the DC Comics superhero is officially in the works!


DC & WB Working On Blue Beetle Film!

DC & WB Working On Blue Beetle Film!

The Wrap brings word that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are developing a movie based on the comic book superhero Blue Beetle! They've decided to use the Jaime Reyes version of the character, which would make this the first Latino-led superhero movie. Warner Bros. is enlisting Mexican-born screenwriter Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer to bring this Blue Beetle to the screen. Dunnet-Alcocer previously wrote the script for Antoine Fuqua’s remake of Scarface, which was supposed to begin shooting this fall, and also penned the English-language version of next year’s Miss Bala, directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

Jaime Reyes first appeared in the pages of DC’s Infinite Crisis miniseries, specifically Infinite Crisis #3 in February of 2006. Created by Keith Giffen, John Rogers, and Cully Hamner, Reyes was the third character to assume the Blue Beetle alter ego after both Dan Garret and Ted Kord. In the comics, Jaime was a teenager living in El Paso, Texas when he unwittingly bonded with an alien scarab that gave him an advanced suit of armor loaded with a variety of tech-based weapons. Jamie Reyes has also headlined his own Blue Beetle ongoing series, and he eventually became a member of the Teen Titans. The character has been featured in animated series like Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Young Justice, and Justice League Action, as well as the animated movies Justice League vs. Teen Titans and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. He is also a playable character in the Injustice 2 video game, and has only made one appearance in live-action on television show Smallville.

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