Brenten Thwaites Cast As Robin In Teen Titans Series

Pirates of the Caribbean actor cast as Batmna's sidekick in Titans show!


Titans Leader Robin To Be Played By Pirates Actor Breton Thwaites!

Titans Leader Robin To Be Played By Pirates Actor Breton Thwaites!

TV line is reporting that Australian actor Breton Thwaites has been cast as Dick Grayson a.k.a. Robin in the upcoming DC Comics-based series Titans. Via Twitter DC COO Geoff Johns confirmed the news stating, "Dick Grayson is one of the most important and iconic heroes in the DC universe, and it wasn’t easy to find him but we have. Brenton has the emotional depth, heart, danger and physical presence of Batman’s former protege and the Titans future leader. We’re extremely lucky he’s chosen to bring his talents to this project and this character." At 28 years old, Thwaites broke out as Henry Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales this year, but has also starred in films like  Maleficent, The Giver, and Gods of Egypt. 

The character of Robin was created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson first appearing in Detective Comics #38 in April of 1940. Various DC Comics characters have taken on the mantle of Robin including Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damien Wayne. Later in his life, Grayson drops the costume of Robin for his new alter ego Nightwing who is the the superhero expected to appear in Titans. Burt Ward played the character in live-action on the Batman TV series, Chris O'Donnell in two live-action films,  Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, Loren Lester played him in Batman: The Animated Series, Scott Menville on the animated Teen Titans show, Jesse McCartney on Young Justice, and Michael Cera in The LEGO Batman Movie. 

Titans is executive produced by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter, with a pilot written by Goldsman. The series will follow Dick Grayson as he emerges from Batman’s shadow to become the leader of a fearless band of young, soon-to-be superheroes recruited from every corner of the DC Universe. The cast currently includes Tegan Croft as Raven and Anna Diop as Starfire. The show will debut on DC and Warner Bros. own streaming service in 2018.

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