Bumblebee Movie Review

Here's our take on the Transformers prequel!


Bumblebee Takes Us Back To The 80s!

Bumblebee Takes Us Back To The 80s!

After 11 years of Michael Bay Transformers movies, Paramount and Hasbro team up and bring in a fresh voice for a prequel movie about everyone's favorite Autobot, Bumblebee. Travis Knight directs the film from a script by Christina Hodson starring Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld and this team are able to bring something that the previous films lost after the 2007 original: heart and humor. This is an homage to boy and his dog tales such as E.T. and The Iron Giant except this time it's a girl and her giant alien robot.

There's still plenty of action for fans of the franchise in here and it's better than it's ever been because it's focused and has meaning since it involves characters you care about. The visual effects team takes it to another level by making all of these robots totally photorealistic and the interactions between Bee and Charlie are completely believable. The costumes and sets drop you directly into 1987 and the excellent soundtrack does the same. It's an achievement in effects work and the rest of the production helps support this heartfelt story.

Haillee Steinfeld proves her worth yet again as one of the best actresses working today. Acting in emotional scenes opposite a giant robot car that it's really there is a testament to how good she in in the lead role of Charlie Watson. Alongside Haille are John Cena hamming it up as the secret government agent version of himself, Jorge Lendeborg, Jr. as the nerdy boy next door, and Jason Drucker, Pamela Adlon, and Stephen Schneider as the rest of the Watson family. Justin Theroux and Angel Bassett also knock it out of the park as the Decepticons who are hunting down Bumblebee.

This film is a heartwarming tale of love and loss as Charlie and Bumblebee help each other move on with their lives in significant ways. It's got intense action and emotional depth unlike any of the previous movies in the franchise. Travis Knight proves his worth as a live action director and hopefully he'll keep it up. Hodson's script is special in so many ways as it stays focused and keep the priority on the characters. Transformers has never been better and I give Bumblebee a 9 out of 10.

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