Creed vs Drago Rematch Teased For Creed Sequel

Rocky himself took to social media to teases a generational rematch for Creed II!


Creed Sequel Could Feature Creed vs Drago II

Creed Sequel Could Feature Creed vs Drago II

Taking to social media recently, iconic actor, writer, director, and producer Sylvester Stallone teased what could be the plot of the sequel to the recent Rocky franchise spin-off, Creed. In the post, Stallone photoshopped an image of Michael B. Jordan's character Adonis Creed staring down Dolph Lundgren's Ivan Drago from 1985's Rocky IV. In the film, Drago killed Adonis' father Apollo in the ring, and now it seems Drago's own son may be the main antagonist of Creed II. To see Creed vs Drago again with their sons taking on one another could make for a seriously dramatic story. Ryan Coogler is expected to return for the sequel to the 2015 hit which only got made after the young writer and director pestered Stallone for years to make his Rocky sequel which Stallone eventually starred in and was nominated for an Academy Award and won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor. Creed was met with warm critical and audience reception, so a sequel will be made as soon as Coogler finishes Marvel's Black Panther which also stars Michael B. Jordan. 

The Rocky film series began in 1976 when Stallone wrote and starred in the film made for only $1 million which went on to win three Academy Awards including the Best Picture Oscar. This franchise has been going strong ever since with seven installments now produced. Having grossed $1.4 billion worldwide at the box office, the movies are romantic family dramas disguised as sports films. The characters are some of the most legendary in cinematic history and the stories are timeless. 

Creed is written and directed by Ryan Coogler, and stars Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashad, Graham McTavish, Ritchie Coster, Brian Anthony Wilson, Wood Harris, and Sylvester Stallone. When the son of heavyweight champion of the world Apollo Creed steps into the spotlight, he gets a shot at the title, but must be trained by Creed's former rival and best friend Rocky Balboa if he's going to reclaim his family legacy. The movie is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. The sequel is expected to hit theaters in 2018.

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