Falcon & Winter Soldier To Get Disney Streaming Series

The two closest allies of Captain America will get their own streaming series!


Marvel's Winter Soldier & Falcon Series Coming To Disney Play!

Marvel's Winter Soldier & Falcon Series Coming To Disney Play!

According to Variety, Marvel and Disney are planning on producing a streaming series featuring The Falcon and The Winter Soldier! This news comes on the heels of recent reports that Disney and Marvel were prepping multiple limited series centered MCU characters who have never had their own standalone movies. It was first announced that Loki and Scarlet Witch are getting their own limited series, which are expected to run between six and eight episodes. Much like Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen, actors Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan will reprise their roles from the films. It's unknown how many other character could get their own series on the upcoming multi-media platform which is expected to debut in 2019.

A new report also suggests that The Vision played by Paul Bettany will be featured as a co-lead in the Scarlet Witch series. This would set the show sometime before the events of Avengers: Infinity War. The Falcon & Winter Soldier series will most likely be set in this same time frame. As for the Loki show, it could take place between Thor and The Avengers showing fans how he met Thanos, or it could show us how he arrived on Sakaar and became friends with The Grandmaster on the gladiator planet. There are many options and areas these series can explore in the vast Marvel Cinematic Universe. Other characters who could get their own series include Nick Fury, Hawkeye, War Machine, Sif, Agent 13, Shuri, Nakia, Okoye, Wong, The Ravagers, Valkyrie, Korg, Miek, Rocket, and Groot.

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