First Wonder Woman Sequel Set Images Reveal Chris Pine's Return & 80s Era

The new Wonder Woman film features the return of Steve Trevor & the 1980s setting!


Wonder Woman 1984 Image has Chris Pine Back in the 80s!

Wonder Woman 1984 Image has Chris Pine Back in the 80s!

Director Patty Jenkins took to social media to reveal a huge plot point for the Wonder Woman 2 while also possibly confirming the sequel's title. Rumors have been swirling that Chris Pine's Steve Trevor would show up in the next Wonder Woman film but the first official image from the set of the movie confirms that Diana Prince's World War II love interest will indeed be back in the sequel. He appears to have aged slightly since the last time we saw him and is decked out in clothes from that era, standing in what appears to be a mall. It's unknown how he's back but he certainly doesn't look 70 years older, so what's going on here? The other image for the film has Gal Gadot's Diana Prince staring into a wall of screens broadcasting lots of odd images of mostly 80s nostalgia.

Trevor could just be a figment of Wonder Woman's imagination, but that seems like too much of an obvious answer and his bewildered expression seems to indicate something else is going on here. It leaves us with a long list of questions. If he is alive, how is he alive? Where has he been all these years? Whatever the answers may be, it's clear that Wonder Woman 1984 is going to take us to some unexpected places as the Amazonian warrior prepares to do battle with the villainous Cheetah during the Cold War era which is highlighted in the image above. Director Patty Jenkins captioned the image, "Welcome to WONDER WOMAN 1984, Steve Trevor!" so Pine is clearly playing the same character here. What are your theories? The film is in theaters on November 2, 2019.

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