Fox Developing Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, & More X-Men Movies

Multiple superhero movies are being developed at Fox!


Fox Working On Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, X-Force, & Gambit Films!

Fox Working On Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, X-Force, & Gambit Films!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is not slowing down development of their Marvel-based superhero movies. Even though the studio is being purchased by Disney, they are still actively developing films based on Marvel Comics characters. We already knew they were working on an X-Men movie focused on Kitty Pryde, the young mutant who can walk through walls, with Deadpool director Tim Miller and comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis, and the studio had also announced at Comic-Con last year that they're making a Doctor Doom movie with Legion showrunner Noah Hawley, as well as a Gambit film which has gone through three directors and is currently looking for another while the script is being rewritten. Now word comes that a Silver Surfer movie is coming from Y: The Last Man writer Michael K. Vaughn. An X-Force film is also expected to shoot in October with Drew Goddard directing and Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin both expected to return as Deadpool and Cable.

Lest we forget Fox has an upcoming New Mutants movie which will undergo reshoots this summer and be released into theaters on February 22, 2019. The studio also plans to release three X-Men movies in 2019 and another three in 2020. If production begins by the end of the year on Silver Surfer and Doctor Doom we could see both of them in 2020 along with Channing Tatum's Gambit. X-Force, which will basically be a Deadpool spin-off, will probably arrive in 2019, as well as Kitty Pryde as long as it starts shooting by the end of the year. Most likely a sequel to Dark Phoenix is also coming in 2020. Regardless, we know there will be plenty of superhero films in theaters in the coming years.

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