Geoff Johns To Write & Produce Green Lantern Corps

The DC Comics CCO takes new position to focus on Green Lantern reboot!


DC Comics CCO Takes New Role As Green Lantern Corps Writer & Producer!

DC Comics CCO Takes New Role As Green Lantern Corps Writer & Producer!

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that DC Comics writer Geoff Johns has stepped down from his role of chief creative officer to write and produce the Green Lantern Corps movie. Veteran artist of DC Comics, Jim Lee, will take his place as CCO of the company. This decision is one of many shakeups that have taken place at the company over the past year or so. Johns is perfectly suited to pen a Green Lantern movie after having written so many stories with the space cops over his career. His favrotie DC COmcis character is Hal Jordan, so reports that the movie will be a buddy cop film in the same vein as Lethal Weapon, only in space, seem to be true. The story has Hal Jordan teaching a young John Stewart the ropes of the intergalactic police force as the two overcome their differences to save the universe.

The film is slated for release in 2020 when The Dark Knight and Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes were hired to pen the screenplay, but it's unclear if it will make that release date since it seems that the film is going through another rewrite. There is currently no director on board. A member of the Green Lantern Corps appeared in last year's Justice League but no further references have been made to the more cosmic side of this universe yet. The DC Films slate is full with Aquaman arriving in December, Shazam! and Wonder Woman coming in 2019, and The Batman, Suicide Squad 2, Harley Quinn, The Joker, The Flash, Cyborg, New Gods, Deathstroke, Justice League Dark, Deadshot, Black Adam, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Lobo movies all in active development.

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