Jon Favreau Talks Star Wars Streaming Series

The Jungle Book and Iron Man writer and director on his upcoming Star Wars show!


Jon Favreau Reveals Details On Upcoming Star Wars Series!

Jon Favreau Reveals Details On Upcoming Star Wars Series!

Recently, Lucasfilm announced a new live-action Star Wars series is in production and is set to debut on their upcoming streaming service next year. Producer, actor, and director Jon Favreau has signed on to executive produce and write, and he has now confirmed that development is pretty far along with half the Season 1 scripts already written. Favreau also told Nerdist that the series will take place seven years after Battle of Endor at the end of Return of the Jedi. Favreau also stated that the show will feature all new characters, and use cutting edge CGI and motion capture technology similar to his The Jungle Book and upcoming The Lion King movies. This news is sure to excite fans, as the period between Episode VI and Episode VII is fertile ground, with only a few brief flashbacks and backstory exposition in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi to imply what went on in that part of the timeline.

Lucasfilm also recently announced a new animated series taking place just before the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens titled Star Wars Resistance, which will have an Anime-inspired look and debut this Fall. There's a 30 -year gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens so both of these series will certainly be enough to cover most of that unexplored time period in the galaxy far, far away. It'd be cool if the live-action series even ended where Resistance begins and the two could bridge the gap between the two films seamlessly. This series is sure to be epic in scope and scale, and some are speculating that it'll focus on the Imperials who built the First Order from the ashes of the Galactic Empire. It could also focus on the formation of the New Republic, Luke Skywalker training the next generation of Jedi, or the criminal underworld. 

Disney’s collaborations with Favreau extend back a decade, when he helped launch the Marvel Cinematic Universe as director of Iron Man and Iron Man 2 and as an executive producer of the Iron Man and Avengers films for Marvel Studios. He directed and produced the massively successful The Jungle Book, which won an Academy Award for its groundbreaking visual effects, and is currently in production on Disney’s highly-anticipated reimagining of The Lion King, set for release in 2019. Favreau is also no stranger to the galaxy far, far away as he voiced the dangerous Mandalorian character Pre Vizsla in multiple episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars which ran from 2008-2014. He also provides the voice and performance capture for the new alien character Rio Durant in Solo: A Star Wars Story which arrives in theaters on May 25. He's a huge fan of the franchise and his upcoming series is something to look forward to. The untitled Star Wars live-action series does not yet have a release date but the Disney direct-to-consumer platform will launch in late 2019.

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