Josh Gad To Play Penguin In The Batman

It seems like Josh Gad has now confirmed he will play The Penguin in DC Films' The Batman!


Josh Gad Seemingly Confirms His Role Of The Penguin In The Batman

Josh Gad Seemingly Confirms His Role Of The Penguin In The Batman

Actor Josh Gad, best known for his roles in Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, and this year's Murder on the Orient Express, has been teasing fans about a potential role in the DC Films for a while now. The actor has become extremely popular as of late and is a talented actor as well as an accomplished singer. His unique look makes him perfect for the role he could be playing in the DC Comics-based film series. First he tweeted out an image of the character in a comic book. Now he's posted another image to his social media page which basically confirms he's playing The Penguin in the DCEU as it shows him meeting at DC Comics headquarters with DC Films President Geoff Johns. 

It could be that he'll portray the character in either an animated TV series or movie, but it seems more likely that he'll play Oswald Cobblepot in live-action due to his rising starpower and the studios' priority on bringing The Batman to the big screen. Since director and writer Matt Reeves came on board the upcoming movie starring Ben Affleck as The Dark Knight, reports have suggested that he's rewriting the entire script which was initially going to feature Deathstroke as the main villain. While Joe Manganiello is still attached to star as Slade Wilson, he could play a smaller role or be hired by crime boss The Penguin in this new version of the story. Time will tell what's really going on as no confirmation has come from Warner Bros. yet. The Batman is expected to be released in theaters in 2019.

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