Justice League Review

Here's our review of the Justice League movie!


Our Review Of Justice League!

Our Review Of Justice League!

Ever since the success of Marvel's The Avengers, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have been trying to get their own superhero team onto the big screen. They did so in just four years after the release of Man of Steel in 2013 which kicked off this new shared cinematic universe. Now it's here and the result is a jumbled mess of a movie, but one that still is enjoyable on many levels. Fortunately it's not just the action that's good, the character are the reason to watch this film as the cast does a fantastic job with the otherwise lame script.

As the powerful alien being known as Steppenwolf comes to Earth with his army of flying parademons, Batman must recruit a team of powerful heroes to defend the planet. The first half of this film is full of set up and character introductions all of which is handled rather well. It's unfortunate that the villain isn't more memorable because is he was this could've been a much better film. There's a lot going on here, in fact, it's miracle the movie isn't more of a mess with all of the seven main characters, multiple storylines, and dense plot. It works because the story is told through the characters and they are so much fun to watch. 

Every action scene is awesome to watch and has Zack Snyder's signature visual flare. It's some of the best superhero action we've ever seen on screen. Visual effects are on par most of the time, but some scenes can fall flat at times. These are some of the best costumes we've seen in a comic book film yet and each of them is functional in their own way. The film has an interesting look, but can be uneven at times. It's got a good score by Danny Elfman which harkens back to the musical ques from his own Batman movie and John Williams' Superman which is welcome, but can also feel out of place at times. I would've liked to hear what Junkie XL would've done with it after his magnificent work on Batman v Superman.

Leading this cast is Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman who gives another great performance as the grizzled vigilante as his character arc continues after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in welcome and surprising new ways. Gal Gadot is once again the highlight here as her wise Wonder Woman brings a true warrior to the team while retaining a motherly sensibility. Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher and most of all Jason Momoa are all having a blast in their roles of Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman and it shows on screen making them more fun to watch. Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Jeremy Irons, and Henry Cavill all also give wonderful performances which help fill out the film nicely. Again, these actors are the reason to go see this film.

All in all, Justice League is a fun movie, but one that's got plenty of flaws. If you understand what was going on behind-the-scenes, or if you're a huge Justice League comic book fan like me, it makes sense and you can see through the flaws and still have a good time. As I said before, it's a wonder this movie isn't a bigger mess, but the creative team pulled it off and still managed to make a good movie. It's not perfect and it's not the best the DC Films has to offer, but its till worth seeing especially for any comic book fan. I give Justice League an 8.5 out of 10.

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