Justice League Runtime; Shazam Release Date; Aquaman Wraps Filming

New info on three DC Films unveiled!


Length Of Justice League! Shazam Release Date! Aquaman Done Shooting!

Length Of Justice League! Shazam Release Date! Aquaman Done Shooting!

Today there have been multiple stories regarding the DC Films! According to a report by AMC Theaters and Regal Cinemas, the runtime for the upcoming Justice League film is 121 minutes. This makes it the shortest film in the DC Films shared universe so far. Man of Steel is 143 minutes, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is 151 minutes, Suicide Squad is 123 minutes, and Wonder Woman is 141 minutes. This is good news as economic storytelling is a positive thing in any case. Joss Whedon took over the film from Zack Sndyer after his family suffered a personal tragedy a few months ago. Whedon was hand-picked by Snyder who knew the writer/director could bring a unique perspective and fun sensibilities to the movie. Whedon's own Avengers movies were 2 hours 23 minutes and 2 hours 21 minutes, respectively, and both of them probably could've been better with a bit more editing, so this is good news for Justice League.

Speaking with fans on Reddit (via CBR), director David F. Sandberg confirmed that the release date previously announced all those years ago is still the target for the movie starring DC Comics' superhero Shazam. He said when asked about the release date, “April 2019. It takes a long time to make vfx heavy movies.” The movie is now deep into pre-production with shooting set to begin between February and May of 2018 in Vancouver. Jack the Giant Slayer scribe Darren Lemke previously penned the script for Shazam. Created in 1939 by artist C. C. Beck and writer Bill Parker, Shazam first appeared in Fawcett Comics’ Whiz Comics #2. By saying the world “Shazam,” teenager Billy Batson is transformed into the “world’s mightiest mortal” and given extraordinary abilities by an ancient wizard. 

From the set of Aquaman, actor Jason Momoa, co-star Amber Heard, and director James Wan all have confirmed that the movie has finished shooting. The film shot mostly in Australia over the past seven months. This story will take place after Justice League and follow Arthur Curry to his underwater homeworld of Atlantis as he battles for the throne with his half-brother Orm also known as Ocean Master. The cast also includes Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Michael Beach, Dolph Lundgren, Ludi Lin, Willem Dafoe, Temuera Morrison, and Nicole Kidman. The movie is written by Will Beall from a story by Wan and Geoff Johns, and is set for a release date of December 21, 2018. Created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger, the character Aquaman debuted in More Fun Comics #73  in November of 1941.

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