Michael Bay May Direct Lobo Movie For DC Films

The Transforms helmer might make a movie about DC's nastiest bounty hunter!


Lobo Movie Could Be Directed by Michael Bay!

Lobo Movie Could Be Directed by Michael Bay!

TheWrap reports that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have their eyes on Michael Bay to direct their long in-development Lobo movie. They note that Bay met about the project and offered some notes that screenwriter Jason Fuchs, who penned the screenplay for last year's Wonder Woman, will incorporate into a new draft which they will present to Bay hoping to make a deal soon. WB is also reportedly thinking of Lobo as their answer to 20th Century Fox’s outrageous Deadpool franchise. Both characters are anti-heroes that developed a cult following in the ’90s, they both like to break the fourth wall, and are known for their crude language and anti-hero status. In September of 2009, Guy Ritchie was hired to direct the Lobo film, but he left the project to helm his Sherlock Holmes sequel. So, Brad Peyton was brought in to direct in 2012 with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the titular role, but Peyton went on to helm San Andreas and Johnson took on the role of Black Adam instead.

Bay made his feature debut with Bad Boys and has built a career around stylized action movies including five Transformers films, plus 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, The Rock, and Pain & Gain. He currently isn’t attached to direct any other projects. Lobo was created in 1984 by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen. The character is a Czarnian (originally Velorpian) bounty hunter who, as a nearly indestructible anti-hero, drives a space-faring motorcycle across the cosmos in search of his next target. The character has fought some of the most powerful members of the DCU including Superman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Deathstroke. He's appeared in multiple animated series including Superman: The Animated Series where he was voiced by Brad Garrett, Justice League where Garrett reprised the role. Lobo was also voiced by David Sobolov in both Young Justice and the first Injustice video game. John DiMaggio plays the character in Justice League Action. 

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