New Image From Young Justice: Outsiders

The upcoming third season of the DC animated series reveals new image!


First Look At Young Justice Season Three!

First Look At Young Justice Season Three!

The upcoming DC Universe streaming service has unveiled a new look at the third season of Young Justice. Titled Outsiders, the third season will introduce a cadre of new characters to come alongside returning favorites from previous seasons as they battle the forces of evil. In the background we see Artemis, now Tigress, Black Lightning and Superboy. It looks like they're playing up Black Lightning's role in the new team, which is a no-brainer given the character's resurgence in popularity thanks to The CW series. Also, in the comics, Black Lightning helped Batman create the team of the Outsiders, so this is a logical step for the series. Returning faces include Nightwing who seems to be leading the new characters including Metamorpho and Katana, prominent members from the comic book team, as well as some new faces that we can't identify at this point. But that's not going to stop us from speculating over who they are.

The woman flying looks kinda like Bumblebee, but she could be Lightning, given her proximity to Black Lightning in the photo, and Lightning's own role in the Outsiders comics. The character with the green costume could be an updated take on Geo-Force, but the six-limbed alien-looking character could be a new addition for the DC Universe, or a radically different take on a pre-existing character. Based on the costumes, the character seems to have a similar design to the characters who appear to be Geo-Force and Lightning, though there are also some interesting resemblances to a cult-favorite character — Ambush Bug. Sure, Ambush Bug is most recognized in his green costume, but the goggles and the lines on the mask make it seem like it could be an updated take on the character. Both he and Metamorpho don't have noses which makes them look similar to The Reach from season 2, so they may be humans experimented on by those evil alien scientists who became superheroes.

This new season has been highly anticipated since Cartoon Network cancelled the show back in 2013. The series is one of the most popular from DC Comics in recent memory. It's about the sidekicks of the Justice League who form their own covert team to help battle secret villains on stealth missions. Created by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti, the show features Jesse McCartney as Nightwing, Nolan North as Superboy, Khary Peyton as Aqualad, Jason Spisak as Kid Flash, Danika McKellar as Miss Martian, and Stephanie Lemelin as Artemis/Tigress. Other cast members included Crispin Freeman as Speedy/Arsenal, Lacey Charbert as Zatanna, Yuri Lowenthal as Lagoon Boy, Kevin Michael Richardson as Mal Duncan, Masasa Moyo as Bumblebee, Cameron Bowen as Robin, Alison Stoner as Batgirl, Mae Whitman as Wonder Girl, Jason Marsden as Impulse, Logan Grove as Beast Boy, Eric Lopez as Blue Beetle, and Bryton James as Static. Young Justice season one and two are now available on Blu-ray, and Outsiders will debut on the DC Universe streaming service in 2019.

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