Schwarzenegger Confirms Sequels For Conan, Terminator, and Twins

The Austrian Oak is returning to his most popular franchises!


Conan 2, Terminator 6, & Twins 2 Are All In Development!

Conan 2, Terminator 6, & Twins 2 Are All In Development!

Playlist reports that in a recent interview with Kleine Zeitung, Schwarzenegger confirms that he is actively developing sequels to some of his most popular films. First up is the sequel to his 1988 film co-starring Danny DeVito, Twins. The new movie will reunite Arnold with DeVito, and bring Eddie Murphy into the fold as their third, long-lost sibling. Filming is set to begin soon as Arnie said, “In the fall I start the shooting on the comedy ‘Triplets’ with Eddie Murphy and Danny DeVito.” This could be a fun idea as long as the heart is still there and the leads perform well and don't phone it in for the paycheck.

Meanwhile, the actor is still promising a return to his first franchise: Conan. The fact that a new Conan film is still moving forward is a surprise since screenwriter Chris Morgan said this spring that the project is dead. The movie will be titled The Legend of Conan and will feature an aged version of character in an “Unforgiven“-style final film in the trilogy. This could be a great film which will have the older actor returning to a fan-favorite character much like Stallone did with both Rocky and Rambo. If this year's Logan is any indication an Unforgiven-style movie about a character at the end of his life can work very well.

Schwarzenegger also stated that, “In March next year, I am shooting Terminator 6. James Cameron and David Ellison are back on board, and then comes a Conan.” We've known that Cameron gets the rights tot eh series he started back in 2019, so it seems his old pal Arnie will indeed come back to the part of the T-800 and “pass the baton” narratively. Deadline also reported that Ellison’s Skydance has reupped their deal with Paramount, and among the projects on the slate is a new Terminator movie with Deadpool helmer Tim Miller directing. It'll be interesting to see which direction they go as 2015's Terminator Genisys failed with critics and audiences. Most likely they'll go back to the horror elements of the original movie and make a low-budget, character-driven thriller.

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