Script For Enchanted 2 Nearly Complete

The modern Disney fairy tale's sequel is coming soon!


Disenchanted's Script Is Almost Done!

Disenchanted's Script Is Almost Done!

Director Adam Shankman, who has been tapped to helm the sequel to Disney's modern take on the classic fairy tale 2007's Enchanted, was speaking at the TCA press tour and he spoke with /Film about Enchanted 2, which is currently titled Disenchanted. Shankman said, "We are handing in a script in a couple weeks that I'm super happy with. Then gotta get the music written." The original film was an original idea by writer Bill Kelly and the film was directed by Tarzan co-director Kevin Lima. It was released in 2007 to critical and commercial success, but has gained even more acclaim in the years following it's release over ten years ago. The movie was also nominated for Best Original Song.

Disenchanted has been in the works since 2010 but is just now starting to get some real momentum. David N. Weiss, J. David Stem and Jessie Nelson are putting together the script for the new film, and Amy Adams is set to reprise her leading role as Giselle. Shankman went on to explain that the new movie will take place a decade after the first, with Giselle possibly rethinking her decision to stay in the real world saying, "The fundamental story has changed a little bit, but not from the base story of it," the director explained. "It's about Giselle 10 years later going, 'What is happily ever after?'" As far as music goes, Shankman explained that Disenchanted will actually have more original songs than the original did as he revealed, "There's a lot more songs this time than there were in the original, at least in the planning phase right now." While the film is currently listed as a 2018 release, a theatrical bow in 2019 seems much more likely.

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