Thor: Ragnarok Review

Here's our review of the third Thor movie!


Our Review of Thor: Ragnarok!

Our Review of Thor: Ragnarok!

Taika Waititi is the director of the third Thor film and his fingerprints are all over it. The film features the zaniest comedy of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe rivaling Guardians of the Galaxy in it's strangeness. The film overall has a more comedic bent which is a welcome change, especially to an odd character like Thor. It works because we spend the entire film in outer space this time around. However, that doesn't mean the character's don't grow and that there aren't big stakes here, in fact the stakes are higher than ever and there are some of the most emotional moments of the series here. It's something that feels totally different while still remaining true to what's come before.

This story finds the villainous Hela unleashed upon Thor's homeworld of Asgard while he's trying to survive on a brutal planet and is thrown into a gladiator arena where he must battle his old friend The Hulk. It's a well-paced, fast-moving story with non-stop, incredible action sequences. There are, however, still quiet moments where we take time to get to know characters and their backstories and motivations. Many new characters are introduced and some of them steal the show. This film features perhaps the biggest character arc for Thor since his first movie turning him from a wild adventurer to a humble king.

The cast is phenomenal in this movie as all of them take their characters to new places including Chris Hemsworth's Thor, Tom Hiddleston's Loki, and Mark Ruffalo's Hulk/Bruce Banner. Every one of the new characters is a joy to meet including the tough Valkyrie played with pathos by Tessa Thompson, Jeff Golblum's eccentric Grandmaster, Cate Blanchette's sinister Hela, Karl Urban's conflicted Skurge, and director Taika Waititi's own hilarious Korg. It's a killer cast and they're all given their time to shine in the movie. Some of the supporting members are so good that they should get their own spin-off or short film.

In the visual effects department the team did an excellent job of bringing these otherworldly locations to life. It's astonishing to see the costumes this filmmaking team made as well as the sets and overall production design which made it feel like a 70s or 80s sci-fi fantasy film. Mark Mothersbaugh also delivers the most unique and fitting score for a Marvel movie ever. It's simply amazing what he was able to accomplish int he music which helped tell the story and also is interesting on it's own. He should come back for more in this universe in the future.

This is one of the most fun films of the year and is the best of the Thor franchise so far. This is exactly what Marvel needs to do to keep their franchises alive. Take risks on filmmakers and allow them to put their visions on screen. It's huge and epic while remaining small and intimate which is just the right balance movies like this need. This one also sets up what's to come next for Thor and our heroes. I give Thor: Ragnarok a 9 out of 10.

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