X-Force Movie To Be Directed By Drew Goddard

Next X-Men movie has it's director!


Drew Goddard To Helm X-Force Film!

Drew Goddard To Helm X-Force Film!

Fox has hired director Drew Goddard to take on the next chapter in their X-universe. According to Deadline, Goddard will both write and direct the Deadpool spinoff X-Force for the studio! The movie focuses on a Black Ops force of “down and dirty” mutant warriors, led by Deadpool and Cable. X-Men regulars Simon Kinberg and Lauren Shuler Donner are producing alongside Reynolds. Goddard wrote for TV series like Buffy the Vampire SlayerAngel, and Alias, before moving into features with CloverfieldThe Cabin in the Woods, and World War Z, eventually earning an Oscar nomination for his adapted The Martian screenplay. Goddard also helped launch Netflix’s Daredevil series and was set to make his big screen debut in the Marvelverse with Sony’s The Sinister Six before the studio scrapped the project in favor of a new Spidey reboot. 

Since the studio’s big Deadpool gamble paid off, they’ve continued to make bold choices by spinning their X-Men universe in new directions. This year we got one of the best superhero films of all time with James Mangold's masterpiece, Logan. Next year we get the highly-anticipated sequel Deadpool 2 from John Wick co-director David Leitch. In 2018, we'll also see Kinberg’s directorial debut with the cosmic adventure X-Men: Dark Phoenix. In addition to those, Josh Boone’s New Mutants, which is being billed as a superhero horror film is also on it's way. The X-Men movies have grossed over $4 billion at the worldwide box office. X-Force was created by Rob Liefeld and first appeared in New Mutants #100 in April 1991.

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