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New Trailer For Netflix Original Movie Now Online!


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Here we have the most unique and original idea in decades. This is world in which humans have always lived side-by-side with elves, orcs, and fairies. The story follows a cop in LAPD who is assigned the first orc on the force as his partner. Fury and Suicide Squad helmer David Ayer is gonna bring his signature gritty style to the film. It looks like a dark story of discovery with some intense action. The cast is great and this new movie should be on everyone's radar. I'm looking forward to taking this shockingly different adventure later this year.

Bright is directed by David Ayer, written by Max Landis, and stars Will Smith as Scott Ward, a human cop and concerned father. Joel Edgerton as Nick Jakoby, the first Orc cop, Noomi RapaceLucy Fry as Tikka, a young elf with powers who is in possession of the wand, Édgar Ramírez as Kandomere, an elf who works for the FBI’s magic division, Happy Anderson as Montehugh, a human who works for the FBI's magic division, Kenneth ChoiIke Barinholtz as Gary Harmeyer, a human cop, Andrea Navedo as Captain Perez, a human cop, Brad William Henke as Dorghu, the imposing and scary leader of the Fogteeth Orcs gang, Dawn Olivieri asSherri, Scott Ward's wife, Brandon Larracuente as Mike, Cle Shaheed Sloan as OG Mike, Alex Meraz as Serafin, Matt Gerald as a human cop, Enrique MurcianoJay Hernandez. The film is streaming only on Netflix December 22.

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