First Look at Reign of the Supermen & More DC Animated Movies Announced

The upcoming DC animated movie reveals first footage and new movies are officially announced!


Watch The New Behind-The-Scenes Look Here!

In just a few weeks fans will be treated to the latest in DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation's long line of films, The Death of Superman. In case the title wasn't obvious enough, Superman dies in the movie, but that's only the first part of what the filmmakers have turned into a two-part story. The comic books this film is based on were released in the early 1990s and followed multiple Supermen taking the place of the Man of Steel after his fatal fight with Doomsday. The film is directed by Sam Liu and Jake Castorena, and stars Cameron Monaghan as Superboy, Cress Williams as Steel, and Jerry O'Connell as Cyborg Superman. After Superman is put to rest, following his battle with Doomsday, his body is stolen from its tomb. As authorities investigate, new and completely different Supermen start appearing on the scene, making everyone wonder if Superman has been reincarnated, and if so, which of the new Supermen is the real Man-of-Steel? The movie will be released on Blu-ray in stores in early 2019.

DC and WB have also announced the rest of their 2019 slate of DC Animated Original Movies. First, they'll brings fans an adaptation of the hit 2002 comic run Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee . Next will be Justice League vs. The Fatal Five which will see the titular superhero team battle the time-traveling villains who are known enemies of the Legion of Superheroes, so hopefully we'll get an appearance by those teen heroes from the 31st century too. The unexpected fourth film (there are usually only three per year) is Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, which will presumably follow the character's New 52 storyline. It's unknown which of these will fall into the DC Animated Movie Universe continuity which began in Justice League: War, but we know Reign of the Supermen does, so we'll have to wait and see if Hush, Bloodline or Fatal Five will be included as well and which ones will be one-offs. It's an exciting time for DC fans as the company's animation department has consistently knocked it out of the park with these animated movie releases and it seems as if the live-action films are following a similar model by producing films in a shared continuity as well as stand alone movies.

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