New Trailers For Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends , Gotham & Krypton

The trailers for all the new DC Comics-based shows are now online!


Watch Arrow: Season Six Trailer Here!

Ont he television front DC Entertainment is crushing it. With four series on The Cw alone and another being added soon with Black Lightning, the superheroes of the DC universe are well suited to the small screen and finding a home there. The creative teams and casts behind these series are doing a fantastic job of bringing these characters to life. Check out all the trailers for the upcoming season of each series below.

The next season of Arrow will have new cast members and put an end to the flashbacks as they came full circle in the season five finale. Speaking of that finale episode the team will be forever changed after what happened with Prometheus last season. Stephan Amell teased that Oliver Queen may finally get his signature goatee next season as well. This is sure to be a transformative season for the show and the character who Amell thinks will become a bit more lighthearted like his comic book counterpart.

Watch The Flash: Season Four Trailer Here!

The end of season three of The Flash was heart-breaking. Now the team will deal with what happened. Kid Flash will have to step up and each of the other character will deal with the events of the finale in their own unique way. It's sure to be a very different show in the next season.

Watch Supergirl: Season Three Trailer Here!

Kara will become more of a hero in the next season but will face her darkest hour yet. New characters and returning old ones will challenge her like never before. This third season will be the series most important yet.

Watch Legends of Tomorrow: Season Three Trailer Here!

The next season of Legends will continue the gang's temporal travels. This series is sure to introduce new characters familiar to those fans of DC Comics lore. It's gonna be  fun season with some more character development.

Watch Gotham: Season Four Trailer Here!

Finally Bruce Wayne will become Batman in the fourth season of Gotham. This is exciting news for anyone who's ever watched the show as we've been waiting for this moment. Gordon's relationships will change and the entire show will be a different experience overall.

Watch Krypton: Season One Trailer Here!

Here we have a new series which takes place on Superman's homeworld decades before Kal -El is even born. This show will follow his grandfather's attempts to restore the House of El while warning of impending doom. The sci-fi show will be an action-driven family drama set on the alien world.

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