Uncharted Fan Film Starring Nathan Fillion

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Fans of Playstation's Uncharted video games series have long waited for a film based on the popular franchise. Sony Pictures is already hard at work on a movie adaptation which will be a prequel of sorts with Spider-Man: Homecoming actor Tom Holland in the starring role of treasure hunter Nathan Drake. However, many fans have dreamed of Firefly and Castle actor Nathan Fillion in the lead role. It turns out dreams do come true as filmmaker Allan Ungar has cast Fillion as Drake in his short fan film. The production perfectly encapsulates everything from the game's signature humor to the historical aspects of the adventure saga to the characters, their interactions, and of course the action, including fist fights and gunplay. It's a blast to watch and might cause Sony to think again about their upcoming feature film.

Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake in this live action short film by Director Allan Ungar. Based on the video game series Uncharted by Naughty Dog. This short film is directed by Allan Ungar, written by Ungar & Jesse Wheeler, produced by Nathan Fillion, Allan Ungar, Bruno Marino, Jesse Wheeler, and Louis Sallerson with executive producers Alex Lebovici & Steve Ponce. Cinematography is by Alexander Chinnici with music by Aaron Gilhuis and Jacob Shea. The editor is Allan Ungar, Production Designer is Darcy Scanlin, Costume Designer is Jocelyn Kuan, and Stunt Coordinator is Joe Perez. Post Production is by Urban Post and Red Square Motion. This film was independently produced and is strictly for exhibition. Not for profit. All characters and associated names and references are copyright and trademark of their respective holders.